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Francine R. Gaillour, MD

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*Certified Physician Development Coach

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Dr. Gaillour is the Founder and  Executive Director  of the Physician Coaching Institute, an ICF-accredited specialized coach training organization that trains healthcare professionals to coach physicians and advance practice providers.   Her personal mission is to catalyze change and innovation in healthcare.

The author of the “Physician, Reinvent Thyself:  A Self-Coaching Guide for Physicians”  aDr. Gaillour’s coaching process guides physicians to discover personal values, develop their unique strengths, and tap into their potential to become a force in their organization — and in their lives.

Recognizing that physicians have unique challenges when it comes to professional development and personal growth, Dr. Gaillour has created a proprietary  development process, Physician Success Inquiry Method™. Honed over more than twenty years of consulting, training and coaching hundreds of physicians in multiple forums, Dr. Gaillour’s approach has propelled many a “Daring Doctor” from unsure…. to unstoppable.

Dr. Gaillour’s articles on physician leadership,  coaching and cultural change have appeared in numerous national publications Physician Executive Journal, Health Management TechnologyAdvance for Health Information ExecutiveHealth Leaders, Physicians PracticeMGMA Journal, and HIMSS journal.  She has been spotlighted as a physician coaching expert in Medical EconomicsModern Physician and the Leader’s Edge.  Her insights have appeared frequently in AMA News and MD Options. Dr. Gaillour’s ezine, Daring Doctors, has influenced several thousand physicians for over a decade.

Dr. Gaillour’s experience spans over 20 years in healthcare delivery and healthcare technology business management. Before becoming a full-time consultant and coach in 2001, she previously held the position of Medical Director and Sr. Vice President of Research and Development with HBS International, a data warehousing and clinical benchmarking company.  Dr. Gaillour was responsible for new product development and data-supported clinical effectiveness programs.

Prior to HBSI she served as Medical Director for IDX Systems, responsible for electronic medical record strategy, including ambulatory and hospital systems for integrated healthcare organizations.  Dr. Gaillour also led the client Physician Advisory Group, developing it as a forum for product innovation and best practices in EMR adoption.

Dr. Gaillour’s transition into healthcare leadership came after ten years of practicing Internal Medicine with the Lakeshore Clinic, Kirkland, WA, and with Group Health Cooperative, Bellevue, WA. She continues a limited part-time clinical practice in integrative health.

Education and Credentials:

Dr. Gaillour’s undergraduate work was in biomedical computer engineering at the University of New Mexico.  Her medical training was also at the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine, where she was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. Residency trained at the University of Washington in Seattle, she is board certified in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Gaillour received an MBA from the University of Tennessee Physician Executive program (PEMBA). Her executive coach training was through the Academy for Coach Training and the Graduate School of Corporate Coaching.

A Certified Physician Executive, Dr. Gaillour is a Fellow and former Board Member of the American Association for Physician Leaders, the leading organization of health system medical officers and leaders. Dr. Gaillour is also an alumna of the Intermountain Healthcare Advanced Training Program in Clinical Process Improvement.

Dr. Gaillour is advanced trained in Appreciative Inquiry collaborative change process, the Arbinger Institute team development process, and Effective Facilitator group facilitation.

A professional member of the National Speakers Association, Dr. Gaillour’s speaking and training programs inspire physicians to connect to personal values as the foundation for collaborative leadership.

A Personal Message from Dr. Gaillour:

As a former practicing Internist, then healthcare technology executive, and now business executive and professional coach, my entire medical career has been one of non-stop change!

In my many years of practicing on the front lines of care delivery I have witnessed the whole spectrum of patient care: fee for service, managed care, private practice, staff-model-HMO; consumer-driven care, point-of-service evolution, Patient Centered Medical Home, High Reliability Organization concepts, as well as continuous break-through in pharmaceuticals and technology.

Throughout this time I had always observed and was keenly interested in the spectrum of responses by physicians and providers to healthcare change (me included!). What led some to lead, some to follow? Some to innovate, and some to resist? And still others to courageously forge a non-traditional path? What were the underlying talents, passions, values, and needs of the physicians, executives and clinicians in each camp? What inspired them to move forward, rather than hold back? What were the drivers of burn-out, and what factors led to career fulfillment and satisfaction?

My own inspiration to become a leader, innovator and coach came when I developed a preventative medicine program for my private practice patients. When I discovered that I could break out of my routine and become an innovative teacher of patient groups, it was a revelation:

“Wow! Even with a 100% full clinical practice, I am tapping into only a fraction of my full potential! If this is true for me, it’s true for all of us physicians.”

As I continued to develop myself as an educator, communicator, then healthcare technology marketing executive, my professional mission has become clearer:

  • My Mission: I am a strategic advisor and partner dedicated to transforming healthcare through my fearless leadership, laser insights and creative communication.
  • My Purpose: I support physicians to physicians develop their full potential as healers, doctors, educators, communicators, and leaders in the new era of possibility and accountability.
  • My Approach: I am your partner, ally, coach, and co-strategist in making your vision for yourself or your organization become reality.

I encourage every physician to tap into your potential—you have so much to offer! Don’t settle for your current situation—no matter how high you think you have risen, or how stuck you think you are. The rewards of expanding, exploring, and venturing out of your comfort zone are . . Huge!

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