Executive and Professional Development Coaching

Do you have what it takes to transform your life, lead a bold change initiative, or really move past your self-imposed boundaries to challenge the status quo?

(and without sacrificing your integrity or jeopardizing your current position to achieve the success you feel in your gut is possible?)

Francine R. Gaillour, MD

Dear Colleague,

When physicians first approach me about coaching, they often wonder if they are alone in their feelings of being stuck, frustrated, self-doubting, bored, or unappreciated.

Those feelings often signal a career pivot point — a wake-up call brought on perhaps by toxic organizational dynamics, or by the pace of change they are experiencing (too fast OR too slow!), or a sense of being in over their head, or possibly a gnawing restlessness with the “same old, same old.”

Interestingly, a few of my clients were at a crisis because they were at the pinnacle of their career (by an outsider’s view), but they needed continued personal growth and challenge to feel fully engaged and in their game.

What Kinds of Physician  Seek Coaching?

I have coached and consulted with well over 500 physicians in one-on-one coaching relationships, in group training, in seminars, and off-site retreats. I truly appreciate my medical colleagues, and hold them in the highest regard. No other professional aspires to achieve so much personally and yet always remain in service to their patients and community.

You may be wondering if you would benefit from having me as your coaching partner.  To give you an idea of the physicians our Physician Coaching Institute graduate coaches worked with over the years, here is a brief outline of common profiles.

  • Physician leaders, such as CMO, VPMA, Vice Chancelor, VP Integration, Chief of Staff, and Medical Executive Chair, who feel their creativity, ingenuity, and potential are constrained and want to expand, develop or better tailor their position or career path so they can express their unique strengths
  • Physician leaders who have been given feedback that their communication  is  “rough” and are coming to grips with the need to refine their approach if they want to get results (or else be shown the door)
  • Physician leaders who were surprised to hear they are not meeting performance targets, and after initially resisting the feedback, are now determined to learn, grow, and prove themselves
  • Physicians who have an inkling they are cut out to do more than clinical practice, but find the idea of career expansion or transition daunting
  • Physicians whose colleagues recommended they work with a coach because their manner with patients and team members is “just not them anymore” — the stress of it all is impacting who they know themselves to be
  • Physicians in a leadership position for the first time,  new to developing team members and projects, and want to hit it out of the park
  • Physician transitioning to a business development role and now have to think like an “entrepreneur” and “sales person” –roles that are foreign and maybe a little distasteful
  • Physician innovators who are developing new ways of solving healthcare challenges, but are stymied by the hurdle of now having to sell their idea inside their organization or to third-party development partners

We Build Your Unique Success Tool Kit

Some physician clients initially ascribe their current situation to what they believe (or have been told) are their “weaknesses,” “problems,” “gaps,” or even “lack of courage.” This interpretation misses an essential truth about human potential — a truth that is amply supported by research on how humans evolve, grow, and find meaning.

Evidence supports the theory that when we find meaning in life and make positive impact in our world, it is by and large  the result of applying our natural strengths.  Transformation in our lives does not come about about by “fixing” our “weaknesses.” Personal growth and transformation is a result of discovering our strengths, core values, whatever gives us a sense of “flow,” and then making these central to our decisions and actions.

When you start your coaching journey, we will first uncover your natural strengths, core values, and aspirations.  You will craft a strategy of approach that takes full advantage of your smarts. Together with you, we’ll assemble your unique “Physician Success Tool Box,” so can step into your authentic personal power. Yes, along with the way you will also understand some of your blind spots (which are not weaknesses, gaps, or problems), become aware of how they interfere with your success, and learn to manage them.

Using the Physician Coaching Institute’s proprietary and proven approach, the Physician Success Inquiry Method™, you will go from career crisis to personal and professional thriving.  You will again enjoy feeling immensely confident about yourself and your possibilities—willing to push through the boundaries you thought were insurmountable. You will uncover your core values and natural strengths (yes you have a lot of them!) and make these the engine that propels you forward.

You’ll begin the coaching journey with the Discovery Phase, where you’ll complete initial assessments and inventories meant to aid in uncovering the hidden, authentic, powerful you. At the kickoff Client Strategy Meeting, you’ll go through a process  developed specifically for physicians, the Physician Success Inquiry Method.  The outcome of the Client Strategy Meeting is your personalized “Strategic Blueprint,” a roadmap for your coaching development ahead. You will then move to the Integration Coaching phase, conducted by Zoom or phone over the next 6-9 months. Toward the summation of our journey, the Milestone Phase will be an opportunity to assess wins, progress, insights, and “where you go next.”

If you are ready to explore this professional development coaching journey, the first step is to arrange an Introductory Meeting by phone.  I want to learn more about you and your aspirations, and I’ll share more about my philosophy and approach with physicians like you.

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