Coaching for Physicians

Coaching is a joyful journey for my physician clients. As life-long learners, they appreciate the self-awareness they gain, the new skills they learn, and the exhilaration of pushing the boundaries of what they thought was possible.  Just as importantly, they appreciate the confidential partnership that coaching provides. — Francine Gaillour, MD

Executive Director of the Physician Coaching Institute, Dr. Francine Gaillour has been at the forefront of coaching for physicians and healthcare teams for over twenty years.

Executive Coaching for Physician Leaders

The Transformational Physician Leader – Executive Coaching Program is a one-to-one professional development program geared to support physician leaders to both achieve leadership goals and also improve their effectiveness in multiple dimensions of impact.  Using an evidence-based coaching approach, this personalized coaching journey requires a commitment of  6 -12 months. You will discover your core values and strengths as a leader, explore levers to team engagement, and map out a blueprint to express your unique leadership vision.

Dr. Gaillour has  supported over 400 physicians using her proprietary coaching process, the Physician Success Inquiry Method.
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Life and Career Fulfillment Coaching for Physicians

Dr. Gaillour offers a 6-month coaching program for physicians at any stage of their professional life, the Physician Pathway to Possibility – Professional Fulfillment Program for Physicians. Through this one-to-one coaching journey, you will discover your core values and strengths, explore your soul-driven avenues to fulfillment, and embark on your unique pathway to joy and career satisfaction.

Dr. Gaillour has  supported over 400 physicians using her proprietary coaching process, the Physician Success Inquiry Method. Learn more

The Physician Coaching Gym

For physicians who want short term coaching support on a specific issue, or who want a paced approach to their professional development, the Physician Coaching Gym offers that flexibility.
As a Physician Coaching Gym annual member, you can enroll in professional development coaching tracks, and also schedule a “drop in” coaching session.  The Physician Coaching Gym Associate Coaches are all Certified by the Physician Coaching Institute and personally mentored by Dr. Gaillour. Schedule a coaching conversation at the Physician Coaching Gym here:  Schedule a 45-minute drop-in coaching call

Speaking Programs

For over twenty years Dr. Gaillour has brought her wisdom, wit, and experience with physician coaching and development to healthcare teams.  A member of the National Speakers Association for many years, her speaking programs and workshops inspire physicians to consider what’s possible—
Who do I want to be as my best self?
How do we want to support each other as a team?
What do we aspire to achieve as members of the healing profession?
Dr. Gaillour has also educated, informed, and equipped many healthcare teams who are developing internal Well-Being programs and coaching resource centers.
 Please contact Dr. Gaillour to explore further.

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